All that pioneering is bound to make you hungry. 还好你在卡罗. 有这么多的选择——从舒适的咖啡馆, where you can relax over a latte to the Gert Ullsperger Main Dining Room (MDR), where you can share a meal with friends—you’ll never lack choice at Carroll. All you need to do is select the convenient meal plan that works best for you.



Learn about 博天堂官方入口登陆登录 dining services, download helpful dining apps and explore a list of dining locations. 




We offer a variety of meal plans so you can pick the one that best fits your schedule and eating habits. 即使你不住在校园里, we offer convenient plans that satisfy your appetite and help you make the most of your budget.


博天堂官方入口登陆登录 餐饮服务 supports students who have a food allergy by providing them with the information and knowledge necessary to make informed food choices in our dining areas. We work together to provide reasonable arrangements so that students can participate in the campus dining experience safely. Please visit the 餐饮服务 office on the main floor of the 校园中心 for more information, or set up a confidential meeting with the 餐饮服务 director to help us better understand your specific dietary concerns. 

Our G8 Station in the MDR is dedicated to providing daily offerings of lean proteins, 全谷物, 新鲜水果和蔬菜, 健康零食的选择. G8 menu options are always prepared without the eight most common allergens: pea坚果, 树, 坚果, 鱼, 贝类, 鸡蛋, 牛奶, 大豆, 小麦和谷蛋白. In addition, staff are trained in food allergen awareness and use precautions in food preparation.


Get your reusable to-go container to help reduce waste and encourage thoughtful use of resources. All new students receive a free token to exchange for a to-go container, 也可以花5美元买一个. Use the container for any meal and simply bring back the rinsed container to the MDR to exchange for a clean one – or a token to be redeemed during your next visit. All containers are washed and sanitized in the dish room.
餐饮服务 has a long-standing commitment to protect the environment. Through a variety of innovative programs and policies, we work closely with the community to reduce the impact that our operations have on the world around us. 我们对循环再造的关注, resource conservation and waste reduction not only helps us operate more efficiently, but it also lets us ensure that the resources we use today will be available for future generations.

Every day we strive to make a difference in the lives of our guests by offering healthy food options. 就像我们对客人尽心尽力一样, we're also dedicated to social responsibility and sustainability: 
  • 环保餐饮—We choose bamboo – naturally eco-friendly and biodegradable – for catering events to reduce our carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle. 
  • 当地的合作伙伴,We support many local farms within 150 miles of campus. 
  • 跳过吸管运动—We've joined the straw-less movement to reduce the usage of plastic straws on campus. 纸吸管可根据要求提供. 
  • 先驱者重用外带容器—The 可重复使用的容器程序 has recently been expanded, 并包括MDR的外带容器, 以及可用于MDR的杯子, 石溪咖啡, 爱因斯坦兄弟. 卡罗尔的百吉饼和渴望.



餐饮服务 offers many convenient dining options each with varying hours of operation. Choose to enjoy early morning coffee or grab a late-night snack, with overall service hours ranging between 7 a.m. 和午夜. Operating hours may vary around holidays and break periods. 

Gert Ullsperger主餐厅(MDR)


The focus is on fresh ingredients in the Gert Ullsperger MDR, where you’ll find eight food court-style food stations. 你的选择包括:砖炉披萨, built-to-order三明治, 汤和沙拉吧, 冰淇淋和甜点站, full breakfasts and a main entrée that changes daily.


烧烤国家,红芒果和爱因斯坦兄弟. Bagles offer quick food and extended hours in the lower level of the 校园中心. Menus include everything from burgers and fries to smoothies and fro-yo, 并展示爱因斯坦兄弟最精彩的部分. 百吉饼.

在Crave提供的一系列食物. 渴望卡罗尔

渴望卡罗尔 features a multi-menu experience focused on bowls, greens, breakfast and coffee. This restaurant is located on the main level of Frontier Hall and offers outside seating in nice weather.

学生的饮食 with a 石溪咖啡 logo superimpossed 石溪咖啡

This cozy café is located in the Ganfield Browsing Room inside the Todd Wehr Memorial 图书馆. It’s a great place to chill and enjoy a chai tea or latte with a variety of bakery and other treats. Hang by the fireplace or enjoy nice weather on the outdoor terrace.

Gerts和log一起抓 Gert's Grab 'n Go

匆匆忙忙? Gert's Grab 'n Go, 就在MDR外面, 你的来源是便利物品吗, 在旅途中喝咖啡或吃零食!


Gert Ullsperger served our campus for more than five decades prior to her passing in January of 2021. Gert welcomed every student with warmth and kindness. To say that she is a Carroll legend is an understatement. The MDR was renamed in Gert's honor in 2018, to celebrate her dedication to Carroll and her love for the students. 


Tater tot casserole and pasta bar are MDR favorites.


博天堂官方入口登陆登录 餐饮服务办公室
dining@badpenguininc.com  |  262.524.7347  |位于建筑的下层 校园中心,办公室B20. 


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